Thanksgiving Day Survival Pack

Bottles & Cans

Tired of 2020? Well, here come the Holidays. Let us make the 2020 Holiday season a little easier on you. Wine Survival Pack! 4 bottles of wine carefully cultivated for Thanksgiving food pairings and a pandemic. 2 whites and 2 reds. You are welcome to share or drink them all while crying in the closet.

$ 69.53 USD
What’s included?
Four (4) bottles of wine for Thanksgiving (2 whites, 2 reds)

Additional Info

Turkey and the traditional sides pair well with a myriad of reds and whites. Think wines that offer appealingly direct fruit flavors, medium levels of acidity and (for the reds) palate-cleansing tannins. Purchaser must be 21+ years of age. Upon pick-up, we will request identification, and it must match purchaser information.

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